COSF Training

Section 1

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  • Using the Child Outcomes Summary form (COS form)
  • Why collect outcomes data?
  • Understanding the three child outcome areas
  • How to assess the child outcomes

Before going to this link, familiarize yourself with the web resources so that if you want to look at them during the PowerPoint presentation; you can find them.

You will need:

  1. Federal progress categories
  2. What is a functional outcome?
  3. More about functional outcomes
  4. The Crosswalks of assessment instruments
    ECO Resources: Instrument Crosswalks
    1. Battelle
    2. ELAP
    3. HELP

Three child outcome areas:

  1. List of questions to keep in mind when considering which developmental aspects fit with each outcome area.
  2. More about the three outcome areas.

Web resources:

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